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What's it all about?

Discover Hypnobirthing helps you to get the most out of your unique and very special journey to motherhood. Through hypnobirthing, mindfulness and caring support I will help you to feel calm and confident about labour; to discover how to quieten a worrying mind; and to develop a really positive relationship with some pretty overwhelming emotions through this enormous change.  

If you're reading this feeling sceptical that a calm birth is possible, or that Hypnobirthing may be too hippy for you and your partner, then please think again. I promise, there are no tricks or false promises in any of my courses. This is about getting you super prepared and confident with scientific knowledge and practical tools that work. The calmer you feel, the better you birth - fact. I've experienced this personally and I see the results in my clients. My courses will help you to create the best possible birth for you - however you choose to birth. 


About me & hypnobirthing...

Nice to meet you - I'm Beth. Discover how I support women and how hypnobirthing can help you through birth and beyond. 

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Classes & book...

Explore the range of classes to suit all women and all circumstances.

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Testimonials & birth stories...

Hear what other's have to say and read my client's honest and heart touching birth stories. 

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Zen Den...

Come and step inside the Zen Den and leave all your worries and tension behind you...


"This whole experience has made me a better and stronger person and made mine and my husbands relationship even closer and now we have the most perfect little daughter to top it all off. We couldn’t be happier!"

— Kat, First time mum

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Self-Belief for Birth  

Self-Belief for Birth is a free pregnancy support and inspiration Facebook group. It exists to help women feel more confident about giving birth.