Hypnobirthing is not what it sounds...

Hypnobirthing sounds so woo woo and out there but I promise it's not. It is a really comprehensive and positive birth preparation course based on logic, science and practical techniques that work. It offers so many benefits for birthing mum, partner and baby.

Lets face it – falling pregnant is exciting but it can be scary too, and it's this fear that really interferes with the birth process. If you think about giving birth your body needs to be relaxed so it can open and make space for baby to pass through. But what happens when you’re afraid? You tense up and restrict this space (as well as inhibiting the wonderful cocktail of hormones that are needed for a more comfortable and efficient birth).

So the toolkit and empowering education that I share, works to release your fears and replaces them with feelings of calm and confidence - helping you to create a more positive birthing experience.

I’m a Calm Birth School Instructor and here you can find out what makes our method unique.

Hypnobirthing north london

Extra healing and post-natal support

Alongside hypnobirthing, I’m an intuitive healer and coach and I specialise in working with women (mainly Mums), helping them to release their everyday anxieties and to build a more loving connection with themselves.

Everything I share comes from my own struggles with anxiety, which peaked after my second son. Motherhood is the best thing ever, but it comes with a roller coaster of emotions and I love being able to support women through this journey, helping them to let go of their anxieties and really grow in confidence.

So whether you need some private support to release some negative emotions or you want to join a group of women for nourishing meditation, I’ve got your back.

Hypnobirthing north london