A birth story filled with gratitude...

I still can not believe the power of my own body, and what you can do if you train yourself to think positively and practice some simple techniques. I’m still using affirmations and breathing techniques as I get used to breastfeeding. Your classes have given me a gift for life, and I am really grateful. 

A healing birth story

They say it takes a community to raise a child but I really do feel that in this instance, our daughter’s birth was made possible by a community made up of our friends and family, the midwives and doctors, some of the people I accessed through the Positive Birth Movement (definitely worth checking out!) but most of all by Beth, who subtly moved my understanding of birth - and what I could do to affect it - in such a profound way. I feel stronger in myself now and ready to embrace the life that awaits our family, and for this I can’t thank her enough.

A speedy, intense and amazing homebirth story x

It was hugely intense, and i’m not going to say i enjoyed it (!) but i feel proud of my body and of Jack. I enabled him to come into this world as naturally as possible and (touch wood) he has been a beautiful calm so far. 6 days old today! Geoff and I are totally in love.

A cherished and powerful homebirth story...

I will cherish my birth experience as long as I live and will always be thankful for everyone who helped me to achieve it. Nothing can prepare you for the ecstasy of motherhood; every cliche is true; the love I feel for my daughter (and my husband for giving her to me) is overwhelming and no matter how tired or fat or stressed I feel, I can’t ever feel anything but joyful because she is reason for being.

A birth story that was induced and totally 'owned'

Over all, it definitely wasn't what I imagined. On reflection when writing it down a lot happened that could have easily meant it felt like a difficult experience and out of control but my overwhelming memory is the opposite. There were so many aspects of it that we were able to control or re-frame. Hypnobirthing was crucial for this I think.

A birth story of patience and determination x

Everything we learnt through our hypnobirthing sessions with Beth and the support of my partner and midwives meant that I went into labour feeling relaxed and prepared for a natural birth and was able to cope when things didn’t go to “plan”. Ultimately hypnobirthing gave me the belief that I could have my baby naturally and calmly and that it could be a really positive experience. This belief and all the tools, support and practice meant that I did.