What to do if you're told your baby is in the 'wrong' position...


Worry about baby?? Fear about the complications in birth?? All round panic?? Hearing the words 'wrong' is just wrong wrong wrong. Words are so incredibly powerful and trigger emotions in us. And when pregnant, we're hyper sensitive and on the look-out for anything that presents a danger to us and our baby. So hearing these kinds of throw away words, can have a huge impact on how we feel - and incidentally how we birth. 

Ten top tips from one mumma to another...

Mumma’s sanctuary is a Facebook group that I’ve set up for my clients to join after they’ve had their baby. It’s a small community for women to share their experiences and each month we have Mumma Meet-ups aka eat cake, drink tea n chat.

Last week one of the lovely Mums asked everyone what tips they would share with new mummas and here are their nuggets of new wisdom…

Tips and understanding to help you navigate the ‘minefield’ of inductions

I’ve called this blog ‘Tips and understanding to help you navigate the ‘minefield’ of inductions’ because that is what it can feel like when making induction decisions. And I speak as someone that was faced with the pressure to be induced and as a hypnobirthing teacher exposed to the many and conflicting research studies available.

This blog is intended to give you an understanding of the induction landscape and offers tips on how you can navigate your unique journey. There is also a free download of questions that you can use to support your discussions around induction.

Is your birth partner ‘really’ on the same birthing page as you? Are you sure?

This week's blog is inspired by an amazing couple who recently completed a Self-Belief for Birth course with me. At the end the birth partner shared a comment that was so revealing of how many other birth partners feel deep down but can be afraid to say:

"Before the course I knew she didn't want an epidural and I'd obviously support that but deep down I was thinking why the hell doesn’t she have every bit of pain relief on offer, if it was me that's what I'd do. But now I really understand why and I really believe she can have a natural birth". 

Ten things I discovered when I became a Mum!…



This one is definitely top of the list. I can remember leaving our flat for the first time and thinking “Oh my god, how do women do this”.  Figuring out how to get the pram, the bag full of crap and the baby out the door was a military operation and it was all SO heavy.

But soon enough…you develop the mumma biceps and whilst you feel tired, you realise you’re also hardcore.

“I honestly can’t believe the power of my mind – I mean woah!”

“I honestly can’t believe the power of my mind – I mean woah!” – were the surprised words from a client after she had her baby. She was literally blown away with how she mentally coped with her surges. At 7cm dilated she was being told by the midwives, “there is no way you can be in established labour”, as she wasn’t animated and vocal enough. She had to repetitively reassure the professionals that she was experiencing very intense sensations but she was managing with her breath and meditation. This story isn’t unique.

3 tips to avoid your ‘due date’ becoming your ‘stress date’

Due dates are an emotional topic for me because I’ve experienced two sides of the due date coin. My first arrived ‘one day early’, which left me feeling quite smug and like I deserved some kind of productivity or efficiency award. Then my second went over 2 weeks ‘late’! During this time I felt torn between my Doula who was saying everything is fine and the Doctors saying I was putting my baby at risk, and internally started to question what was ‘wrong’ with my body and my baby? When in fact, in both pregnancies, both were different and both were right. 

4 reflections that could help to make your pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey better and more enjoyable!

Last weekend I headed off to the mountains near Spain to visit my Dad who has built a little house on the mountain edge. It’s back to basics with zero electricity but nature in abundance. It was SO amazing to have some headspace from the fast life in London, kids, work etc. Finding physical and mental space is so important, and since having kids I know that I need this even more.

Message from my Mum – take control, get informed, you can do this x

With Mother's Day approaching it only felt right to hand the blog baton over to my brilliant Mum - whoop there she is! The golden nuggets of inspiration that lie within her birth stories are around choice and control. Something they had very little of in the ‘old (ish) days’. In the past your baby was 'delivered' for you in the way that the medics saw best. Whilst birth is still over medicalised these days, women absolutely can take control of their birth, they have the right to choose where and how they will have their baby and can make informed choices about what they think is best for them. Empowering women to take this control is a REALLY important part of hypnobirthing. Over to you Mum…