Calm & Confidence for Birth: Couples Course  


The Calm & Confidence for Birth course uses a combination of hypnobirthing and mindfulness to get you fully prepared as an awesome team to create a positive birth - however you choose to birth. There are options for private or group courses, see below. 


This course involves 4 x 2-3hr sessions. Each session will involve a combination of gaining knowledge, deep relaxation, watching birth videos, hearing birth stories and discussion. 

Session 1 – Confidence

  • Delve into your own birth fears and hopes 
  • Discover the incredible connection between your mind and body and how you can get them working in harmony during labour
  • Gain trust and confidence in the birth process

Session 2 - Calm

  • Learn and practise the hypnobirthing and mindfulness skills that will help to keep your mind in a calm and confident place during labour
  • Learn the physical practise that will also support your labour e.g. positions for labour

Session 3 – Control & Choices

  • Feel empowered and informed to take control of your birth experience and choices
  • Learn about all birth possibilities e.g.inductions, caesareans, etc.  Birth is unpredictable and it's important you feel fully informed so you can navigate all the twists 'n' turns
  • Gain tools for working in the best possible way with your health professionalsand care providers

Session 4 – Birth Day

  • Go through everything you can expect on the day
  • Feel equipped to give birth as an powerfulteam 
  • Leave feeling in control of the things you can control and able to let go of the things that you can't


  • The Positive Birth Book, Hypnobirthing and Mindfulness MP3s, Parents folder containing extensive information and a Weleda goody bag  
  • Access to the  Align your baby course. 
  • Complete antenatal education 
  • Access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support and inspiration
  • My support and expertise - Royal College of Midwives accredited hypnobirthing teacher with a very warm and caring heart
  • Access to Mumma's Sanctuary and Meet-ups after baby is born to continue the positive community and support


Couples Private - £380

  • This is for you if you want to build your confidence and antenatal education at your own pace in privacy

Couples Group - £297

  • This is for you if you want to meet a small group of couples whilst getting birth ready

Where do the sessions take place?

The sessions are held in my lovely Zen Den. Asafe and calming space for you to completely feel supported and relaxed. 


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