Hi I'm Beth...

Lovely to meet you! I’m Beth Carboni – hypnobirthing teacher, energy healer and mum of the two munchkins below. My passion is helping women to believe in themselves for birth, to develop a positive relationship with their emotions through this incredible transition, and to create a circle of support around them.

Hypnobirthing teacher north london

Why I love what I do...

You will quickly get that I’m very passionate about hypnobirthing, meditation and women believing in themselves. This is because I came from a place of deep self-doubt and hypnobirthing was my first major step out of it. 

Pre-pregnancy my mind was perfectly conditioned to spend an entire 10months worrying and fearing the looming event! Although I was hopeful that birth could be positive, I massively lacked confidence. But hypnobirthing flipped a switch in my mind. After my course, I felt so liberated, determined and confident that I could do this thang - and I did it. And it was THE. BEST. FEELING. EVER...

Despite having hugely positive births, once I was left to be responsible for a human being, my self-doubt and anxiety crept back in – especially when I started juggling my old job and feeling like I wasn’t doing any one role ‘good enough’. My anxiety peaked to the point that I needed beta-blockers for some relief, before looking for a more sustainable solution. This was when I discovered mindfulness and energy healing and once again a switch flipped in my mind.

I think it's so important that women aren't only emotionally prepared for the birth but also for their new life as a Mum. It’s not the way you birth, it’s the way you feel that counts. And the more deeply connected to your emotions and able to support them positively, the smoother your transition to Motherhood will be. That is why self-love and self-care is at the very heart of all the work that I do. 

Hypnobirthing teacher north london

How I work with women & couples...

In all my work, I'm utterly dedicated to you.  I fully support you, whatever choices and path ‘you’ decide to take, and I adapt my courses to suit your needs.  I do not push one type of birth - it can be anything from a home birth to elective cesarean. My intention is simply that you go into birth feeling confident, calm and in control of your experience. But also that you have a deeper connection to yourself. 

I also help the birth partners to feel fully involved in the process and equipped to support you and your birth wishes.  Their vital role cannot be underestimated and you will go into labour feeling like an awesome team. 

I really care about your birth experience and my support extends far beyond the days that you attend the course. You can call me anytime in the lead up to the birth and after your baby is born.

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Calm Birth School Hypnobirthing

I’m a fully qualified Calm Birth School instructor. After using the Marie Mongan Method for my own babies and then qualifying with Katherine Graves, I feel completely at home teaching The Calm Birth Method.

We are a family of highly qualified teachers that are absolutely passionate about helping women to grow through their birth experience and improving the birth culture more widely. There is no ‘one-way’ to birth, we support women in making their own informed choices, we’re very real, honest and believe deeply in woman-power. We also like to have a laugh!

So if this resonates, then please come join the The Calm Birth School community – it’s a very warm and welcoming place.  

Right from our very first conversation, it was clear that Beth was a different order of teacher. Whereas some teachers I contacted were quite prescriptive and told me that they would do x, y and z, Beth really thought about what we personally needed, and tailored the course accordingly.
— Jenny, second time mum