Client testimonials 

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Elissa, 2nd-time mum

"We can't recommend the lovely Beth highly enough. She created a safe and non-judgemental space in her Zen Den (at the bottom of her garden in Southgate) for us to explore and prepare mindfully for the birthing process. She equipped us with the tools and confidence to navigate some challenging decisions during labour, whilst maintaining a sense of calm. Beth went above and beyond to support us outside of our sessions and helped me to overcome some significant psychological and emotional barriers. Her support was invaluable for both of us." 

Joanne, 3rd-time mum

"I couldn't have coped without the bubble you made for me. Eternally grateful for your love and care" 

Ed, 1st-time dad

"Thank you so much beth, you were an amazing guide for us on this journey, and, given how sceptical I was at the start, you've massively proved me wrong. Positive mindset was the key!' Ed

Haroulla, 1st-time mum

"Just completed my last session of Beth's self belief for birth course and feeling so grateful to Beth for all her guidance and support. The sessions have been invaluable and I can't wait to make use of all the tools we have learnt, not just during birth but in everyday life. I would recommend Beth's course to anyone wanting to feel calm, empowered and knowledgeable in their birth. Thank you Beth for your calming nature and creating such a safe atmosphere of support and sisterhood"

Eleni, 1st-time Mum

"I decided to book Beth's Self Belief for Birth course as an extra tool to help me get through labour and could never have imagined just how much it would transform my view of birth. I've gone from seeing birth something traumatic and painful, to feeling genuinely excited about it. 

The course includes factual information, open discussion, positive anecdotes, props, demonstrations, videos, meditation, mindfulness, with a range of fantastic resources to take away (including meditation MP3s) so that you and your birth partners feel prepared and empowered to have the best birth experience possible. 

I would highly recommend Beth's course for all expectant mums; she's super lovely, calm, reassuring and non-judgemental. Her amazing 'zen den' is the the perfect place for it all to happen; there's candles, fairy lights, comfy sofas, relaxing scents and music, that all make you feel calm and peaceful. 

She gave us so much of her time (much more than she initially outlined when we signed up!) and I am so grateful to have had such a wonderful experience prior to my baby's birth. Thank you Beth!!" 

Imogen, 1st-time mum

"Had our last session with Beth last night - feel sad not to be going for any more one to ones with her in her Zen Den, but feel so supported by her, armed with our 'tool kit' and so excited about the birth of our baby girl. As a first time mum, obviously still lots of unknowns to come, but Beth has given us so much invaluable information and support already, my partner and I both feel prepared, positive and calm and actually can't wait to go through the birthing experience! If you're on the fence about Hypnobirthing, definitely contact Beth and get more information. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone, and especially doing it with her as she is lovely and so helpful!'

Stephanie, 1st-time Mum

"Amazing – I felt really relaxed and safe in Beth’s Zen Den. There was no judgement, we all felt comfortable and learnt and shared so much!"

Damian, 2nd-time dad

"Feeling positive, calm and excited about welcoming our new baby to the world. I'd recommend hypnobirthing to anyone planning or expecting. Thank you so much Beth Carboni - you've set us up brilliantly !" 

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